Pacific Glass Block WindowsNo other architectural product adds style and individuality like real glass blocks.

They have the exceptional ability to allow natural light to flow into and between living spaces while at the same time providing privacy and security. These qualities in addition to their striking visual appeal add architectural interest and enhance the value of any project.

Builder Series.

Economical 2″ thick glass blocks with heavy-duty vinyl frames. Select from 3 distinctive glass block patterns. Every component of the Builder Series real glass block window line was developed to provide a lifetime of maintenance free service and beauty.

The heavy duty Builder Series vinyl frames are profiled to shed water away from the glass on both sides, so the water won’t pool, and the glass and frame components will dry quickly after use so materials will not degrade from moisture over time.

This frame profile also presents a much more pleasing look than other acrylic block or privacy window products. There are no large flat surfaces to take away from the beauty of the glass blocks, and the window frames look more like other regular window frames.

Builder Series glass block windows can add individuality and style to bathroom and shower spaces while providing a wonderful natural light source that also provides privacy, or you can use them to add originality and brighten up kitchens or bedrooms. Enrich the personality of entrances with easy-to-install glass block side lite windows. Interior or exterior, residential or commercial, wet areas or dry, the Builder Series real glass block windows can make any project exceptional.

Premier Series.

A creative, high quality and design friendly product line of factory assembled and sealed real glass block windows. These windows completely solve the quality concerns and inherent difficulties associated with glass block installations.

All glass block windows are hand-assembled, framed and weather sealed, and are available in a wide array of sizes, glass block textures and frame colors to choose from.

Premier Series glass block windows are made with full three inch thick real glass blocks, and are framed with their exclusive three piece extruded aluminum frame. The innovative frame system allows you to specify different colors on the inside and outside to compliment the other windows used and the color theme of your project. Premier Series glass blocks are available in five distinctive glass patterns, with eight standard colors to choose from. 190 custom colors are also available at an additional cost.

Pacific Glass Block fully guarantees their windows from leakage and factory defects of any kind.