Loewen WindowsOpen up new possibilities in any room.

Loewen manufacturers wood doors designed and built for premium residential new construction, renovation/restoration and distinctive light commercial construction. Their products are not only attractive but also cutting edge in their functionality. Loewen doors offer performance, to keep homes comfortable and energy efficient, and strength to protect against the worst that nature can deliver.

Sliding Patio and French Patio Doors.

The epitome of leisure living, easy-operating Loewen sliding patio doors bring the outside in with style. Functioning like large moving windows, these doors can open up the walls in your home to new possibilities.

  • Tempered glass.
  • Two to seven panels wide.
  • Tandem ball bearing rollers.
  • Anti-lift device.
  • Optional foot lock mechanism.
  • Zero clearance required.
  • Standard integral sliding screens available.
  • Optional multipoint locking hardware.

Swinging Terrace Doors.

No other hinged door can capture as expansive a view as a Loewen Terrace door, thanks to their large glass areas and sturdy all wood construction. They offer two styles to choose from: Traditional and French. Traditional Terrace doors hinge in the middle so that one panel is fixed and the other operates. By contrast, French Terrace doors are hinged on the outside to allow both doors to operate from the middle. Outswing versions of both styles are available as option.

  • Doweled stile and rail sash for rugged dependability.
  • Available fixed or operable.
  • Ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Inswing or outswing versions available.
  • Low profile sill available.

Bifold Doors.

Bifold Doors virtually disappear, creating stunning transitions to the fresh air and spaciousness of outdoor living. When closed, Bifold Doors provide privacy and protection while allowing unobstructed views.

  • Up to 16 panels (52’) wide (eight panels folding in each direction).
  • Individual panels up to 39” standard width; custom sizes available.
  • Panels stack to the exterior, maximizing interior floor space.
  • No requirement for “pocket” walls.
  • Metal clad track cover and frame cladding match clad door panels.
  • Standard sill with built in drainage system.
  • All panels are top hung, and the frame is fastened directly into the lintel, providing smooth operation.

LiftSlide Doors.

The Loewen LiftSlide complements other product line in terms of profiles, interior vertical grain Douglas Fir finish and exterior metal clad colors. Created with the highest level of quality, the LiftSlide is an excellent companion product for Loewen projects offering consistent appearance, function and quality.

  • Straight, corner, and angled configurations.
  • LiftSlide door systems are available up to 40 feet wide and 14 feet tall and can be combined with straight segments to create brilliant spaces in various shapes.
  • Up to 70 square feet of glass in any one panel.
  • Panels roll smoothly and easily when opening and closing (including 850 pound panels).
  • Four-inch aluminum/wood hybrid door stiles that won’t twist or warp.
  • Standard drainage track that protrudes 3/16” above the finished floor.
  • Optional raised threshold for inclement weather climates.
  • Jamb or pocketing, single or multi-panel systems in stacking, bi-parting or corner configurations.

MultiSlide Doors.

With an easy, smooth and quiet operation using stainless steel tracks, MultiSlide interlocking sliding panels provides secure and weatherproof options in large openings. A large selection of custom configurations and design options are available, including bi-parting and hidden pocketing.

  • Unique 2 ¼“ thick panel adds superior thermal performance, strength and durability.
  • The high structural integrity and raised threshold options allow MultiSlide doors to be located in areas of moderate to high exposure where homeowners want a broad view with no visual interference — mountain, hillside or lake-front vistas.
  • Multi track thermally broken frame and sill is available in raised sill with no riser, 1 ⅛” riser and 1 ½” riser for best performance.
  • Doors can be clad in a variety of colors from the extensive Loewen palette, and are available in Douglas Fir or in Mahogany interiors.

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